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Orthodontic Braces - Frequently Asked Questions
By Tala Limaz

1) What do you know about orthodontic braces?

Do you have crowded teeth, tilted teeth or you just do not like your smile. So you might need to wear an orthodontic braces which is going to apply continuous light pressure on your teeth for relatively long time & this light pressure is going to move your teeth to their right position. Afterwards, the bone which is lied around your teeth is going adapt itself around the new position of your teeth after completion of the treatment which is very important to prevent your teeth from going back to their old position after the end of the treatment with the orthodontic braces.  

2) For how long I need to wear the orthodontic braces?

The duration of the treatment depends on the teeth & gum state of health, the width of distance which should be crossed by the teeth & on the cooperation of the patient ( he should attend all his appointments on time ). So treatment time differs from individual to another but mostly it is between one year to three years.

Following orthodontic braces removal the patient should wear removable appliance all the day for six months & afterwards he should wear it only during the sleeping hours for as long as the orthodontist ask. It is very important to wear this removable appliance so your teeth do not go back to their old position.

3) How many times I should visit the orthodontist during my treatment?

Usually you need to see the orthodontist once per month. During your visit your doctor is going to change & adjust your wires to make sure that the orthodontic braces are applying the right amount of pressure on your teeth to move them to their new position.

4) Dose orthodontic braces cause any pain?

After the adjustments of the orthodontic braces by the orthodontist you might feel some pain or discomfort which is usually relieved by analgesics. Had you suffered any severe or chronic pain just consult your doctor who knows how to relieve your pain the right way.

5) Does age affect the success of the orthodontic treatment?

Teeth movements are not affected by age. So, it is possible for old & young people to put an orthodontic braces.

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