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How Clear Invisalign Braces Work
By Dana Whiteford

This is principally why adults are agog over new technologies in the orthodontic arena - many of them are willing to pay the price as long as they don't have to go through the embarrassment of having to wear horrid metal appliances.

Summerville OrthodontistClear Invisalign braces work best for adults and are replaced every two or so weeks with a new aligner, evidently one of the many reasons why they're more expensive than traditional braces.

The orthodontist first examines your teeth and uses 3D imaging with a computer to see if clear Invisalign braces could work for you. Next, the specialist lays out a treatment plan where you'll be able to view how your teeth would evolve, from the initial position up to the stage where the desired positions are achieved.

Since your teeth are corrected gradually with a transparent tray, no one will even have to know that you're wearing braces. Friends who won't see you in a long time will only be surprised at the amazing results you can get from clear Invisalign braces.

This appliance is also removed while eating or drinking, unlike ordinary metal braces which are fixed and cannot be removed when needed. And because clear Invisalign braces are not fixed, you also won't encounter problems with cleaning your teeth.

The most common complaint among wearers of metal braces is that they're extremely difficult to brush. Even if they spend a lot of time on this routine, chances are small food particles can still find their way into the minute crevices between the teeth and the brackets.

What happens is that plaque accumulates on the teeth, especially on the spaces where the teeth and gums meet. When bacteria infiltrate the gums, that's the time gingivitis and other diseases of the gums set in.

Another outstanding advantage of clear Invisalign braces over traditional braces is that they're more comfortable, not only during the initial adjustments but also while you're wearing them daily. There are no painful metals to scrape against the inside of your cheeks.

Studies have also shown that clear Invisalign braces work more quickly, correcting minor alignment problems in less than half the time it would take to treat the same problem with ordinary appliances.

These advantages come with a price, though. Clear Invisalign braces cost anywhere from $3,500 to $5,000, but you may want to discuss this matter with your orthodontist who may be willing to give you a good deal. You could also do a little research to find out if your dental insurance could cover the treatment.

Clear Invisalign Braces may also have its share of downsides. It's not as efficient as the regular braces in treating dental problems and in fact cannot correct certain conditions. They also cannot continually correct the teeth because of the mere fact that they are removable.

The efficiency of clear Invisalign braces then would largely depend on the patient's commitment, as these appliances need to be worn around 20-22 hours a day for them to do their job.

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